The Evolution of Pillows: Mesopotamia to MVMI!

Pillows have been around for centuries, but the pillows of the past were a far cry from those that we enjoy today.

By Joe Castignani

As you sink into your MVMI Pillow at the end of the day, have you ever wondered how pillows came to be? Pillows have been around for centuries, but the pillows of the past were a far cry from those that we enjoy today.

 Let’s Begin in Mesopotamia

The earliest known pillows were made of stone in Mesopotamia around 7,000 BCE. These pillows were not meant for comfort, but rather to protect the head from creeping, crawling insects! Typically made of a flat stone slab, they were often carved with geometric or animal designs.

In later centuries, Mesopotamian pillows became more elaborate. They were crafted of softer materials, such as wool, feathers, or straw, and were often decorated with beads or other textiles. Some pillows were also filled with herbs or spices, which were believed to have medicinal properties.

Mesopotamian pillows were not just reserved for sleeping. They were sometimes presented as offerings to the gods and were used in religious rituals. In some cultures, .

By the time of the ancient Egyptians, pillows were common throughout the Middle East and Asia. In Japan, hard pillows were used to protect hairdos. Geishas, Japanese women who would entertain through singing, art, and dance, were known for their well-done makeup, clothing, and hair. Rather than redo their hair each day, they would use a stone pillow to keep their heads off the floor.

The Chinese, renowned for their innovations, introduced the concept of "bamboo pillows," which were designed to provide cooling benefits during warm nights. These pillows were made by weaving bamboo fibers together, promoting airflow and ensuring a more comfortable sleep.

The Industrial Revolution marked a real turning point in pillow manufacturing. The mass production of textiles and the emergence of new materials like synthetic fibers allowed pillows to become more affordable and accessible to the masses. This era also gave rise to the traditional rectangular shape of pillows that we are familiar with today.

The MVMI Pillow

Pillows have evolved beyond mere comfort to truly consider the needs of individuals for better, more comfortable sleep. Enter the MVMI Pillow with its beginnings using a stapler and my mom’s old sewing machine. The patented Multi-Chamber Design is ideal for support and ultimate comfort to ensure a restful night’s sleep! Can you imagine how much more rested the Mesopotamians might have been with such a comfy pillow?

So, the next time you lay your head down on your MVMI Pillow, remember the centuries of comfort evolution that led to the cushioned paradise beneath your head. And Sleep Ambitiously! 

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Dream big, work hard, sleep ambitiously,

Joe Castignani